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October 2023 - Come meet us!


Our monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with all developments regarding the Grabowskis!

Events in November

We are in the final preparation stages for two upcoming events in November: As the winners of last years edition of Startup Nights Winterthur, we will be present this year with our own booth within the Technopark space. Furthermore, we will be present at the EnergyLab UnConference in Lausanne on November 2nd. We look forward to connecting with the Swiss startup community further as well as potential future investors. Are you present at either of the two? Drop us a note and let's meet up!

Ready to test

After some advertsities with shipping delays we are now in the final stages of lab testing the protoype before we go out for our official test drill in the coming two weeks. Together with the help of Barmettler, we have also completed the construction of various pieces of auxilliary equipment needed to carry out our 20 m drill test. We also received positive feedback from the environmental protection agency, confirming our drill site in Winterthur. Everything's in place, et's do some drilling.

Pitch & Fund(ed)

At the end of september, we participated in the Pitch & Fund event organized by the Energy Lab. We pitched and were able to prevail as one of the winners against a selection of 16 other Swiss startups. As a result, we won CHF 20'000 to support and fund our 20 meter drill test.

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