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September 2023 - We got the Kick!


Our monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with all developments regarding the Grabowskis!

Funding news

In the past weeks we have been able to attract further funding both from startup competitions and strategic investors. In the beginning of the month, we were able to win stage III of venture kick, providing us with a convertible loan worth CHF 150'000 as well as access to further funding in the coming years through the Kickfund. Venture Kick is one of the most recognized startup competitions in Switzerland. Winning it is good validation of our efforts and underlines again that we are on to something truly valuable at Borobotics.

Drill heads

Bospi AG, a Swiss manufacturer of drill heads for geothermal drilling has investmented in Borobotics. Over the coming months Bospi will help us develop our drill head further and will supply us with boreheads in the prototyping and piloting phases until 2025. Naturally, the drill head is one of the core components of our bore robot which is why we are happy to be able to leverage on the experience of Bospi.

Engine on

In preparation for the first 20 meter drill test, we sucessfully installed the engines in the casing last week. The installation is a delicate process as the engines are not screwed into place but instead the casing has such tight margins that it holds them in position. To get them into the rght position the casing needs to be heated up so that it expands and allows for enough room that the engines can slide into place. The engines are now conected and running and we have made first tests.

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