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July 2023 - Grabowski becomes Borobotics


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Gearbox ✅

We have successfully completed the development process for the gearbox of our first prototype. In the past weeks, we have sent out purchase orders to several manufacturers for all parts required to assemble the gearbox. This means that we are on track to start our first 20m drill test in late August/September.

First investments ✅

In the past weeks we have succesfully secured fundraising from multiple private investors. Additionally we have received positive news from the Klimafonds Stadtwerk Winterthur, that will support our project with CHF 80'000. While our fundraising round is still not complete, we are very optimistic that we will secure the remaining funds in the coming weeks and months.

Incorporation ✅

We have changed our name to Borobotics and officially incorporated in Winterthur. As part of the incorporation process we have now become a spin-off of ZHAW. While the name Grabowski will continue to exist as the name for our bore robot, we feel that the name Borobotics will be more recognizeable, especially in light of our planned European expansion in the coming years.

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