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August 2023 - Concept turns reality


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Parts are here

In the last weeks, parts for the Grabowski housing have arrived and so, for the first time, we can show you a picture of the Grabowski! With the engines having arrived as well, we can finally start the assembly process for our first prototype. We are still waiting on some further parts but we are confident that the digging (20m test) can begin in late september.

Drill sites

We are currently in the process of evaluating different drill sites for our drill tests. Especially for the tests later on, it will be important to have test sites that exhibit different ground properties such as hard rock (granite) and soft/sandy earth. This will allow us to properly test the versatility of our Grabowskis to ensure that Grabowski is later able to reliably drill through any type of ground.

Development of movement unit

While the first prototype is almost on its way for its first outings, we are already busy building the second, more advanced prototype. This prototype will include the movement unit, a system of fluid muscles that will allow Grabowski to move up and down the borehole. These muscles are essentially small balloons that inflate and deflate in pre-defined sequences to allow the robot to move in a wormlike manner. The movement unit will be tested in our 50m test around Q1 2024.

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