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Borobotics started as a research project at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in 2021. Dr Hans-Jörg Dennig, the entrepreneur and an academician says, “ I love searching and finding a new technological idea, developing a business vision and transferring it to a successful business-to-customer product. Developing innovative technical solutions and bringing them to life always has, and will always continue to fascinate me. As a senior lecturer at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, this is my daily business.” In addition, there is a passion for stones and their processing. Dennig reveals, "I come from a family of Steinmetz ("stonemasons"). We still own a medium-sized quarry in southern Germany. I grew up there, so I know how to drill, saw, and break stones."
Dennig is also a serial entrepreneur. He first founded an engineering service company phi Engineering Services in Schwerzenbach, Switzerland and grew it to 15 employees. He led this company for five years. Later, he co-founded "Share your Bicar" (, which offers a three-wheeled e-vehicle for urban mobility.


To contain CO2 emissions and thus global warming using state-of-the-art engineering sciences to switch from fossil-fuelled heating systems to geothermal heat pumps and reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. 


To be the solution that accelerates heat transition enabling inexpensive and easily accessible sustainable geothermal energy - in a way that is gentler on earth and the environment.



Hans-Jörg Dennig

CEO and Co-Founder

26 years of business and engineering experience, senior lecturer in mechanics. Dr.-Ing. Mech. Engineering

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Philipp Ganz

CTO and Co-Founder

10 years of engineering experience; B.Sc. Mech. Engineering

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Moritz Pill

COO and Co-Founder

6 years of experience in Sales, Finance, Software Development

M.Sc. Strategic. Entrepreneurship

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Justin Staller

B.Sc. Mech. Engineering


Daniil Klimyuk


M.Sc. Mech. Engineering


Zurich University of Applied Sciences: Prof. Dr Markus Suter-Weber - Support in physics and fluid dynamics

Huber CFO Consulting AG: Peter Huber - Financial coaching

Swiss Extension: Anil Sethi - Start-up coaching

Broder AG: Mats Broder - Drilling Company for geothermal probes

BS2 AG: Dr Philippe Goffin - Service Company for building systems

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