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Geothermal Drilling. Reinvented.

Discover the future of geothermal drilling


Heating from the earth

Our earth stores near infinite reserves of energy. Yet, only 1% of Swiss households use geothermal energy for heating. We aim to push forward the energy revolution and establish geothermal energy as a viable and cost-effective source of heating.


A bore-robot to bring geothermal energy to
city centers


Grabowski is a 2.5 m by 135 mm tube that replaces the massive 6 m tall and

10 t heavy drills that are currently used. All in all, Grabowski requires 6-8 m2 of space and can thus drill in any garden, parking garage or even basement.

stock drill.png
Grabowski Rendering (1).png


Grabowski operates completely autonomous - it is simply installed and deinstalled at the drill site. While it drills, it tracks its every movement and steers itself downwards in a straight trajectory.

Gentle on the earth

Grabowski does not require any of the diesel-consuming equipment that conventional drills use such as compressors. Instead of consuming 700l of diesel per borehole, it simply plugs into an electricity outlet.


Drilling starts soon..

Join our waitlist and be among the first to have your ground source heat pump installed in mid 2025.

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Grabowski In Numbers


Reduction in size


Reduction in CO2


Reduction in costs


Reduction in noise

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